Thursday, 1 March 2012

Body Butter

So body butter is something which i can never get enough of! I thought i'd show you a couple of different ones i own and give you my opinions on each one :) Unfortunately i broke my laptop so it's been tricky to get posts out but here you go! Hope your all well! :)

1. Moringa Body Butter - The Body Shop - This is my absolute favourite it just smells so fresh i love it! It's quite a thick consistency so it moisturises really well! Love it!!
2. Pomergranate and Watermelon - Primark - This is a much more runny body butter and smells super fruity.
3. Soap & Glory The righteous butter - Now this is my second favorite out of the bunch, i really like the smell it's not over powering which is best for me as cream with too much perfume in tend to really irratate my skin.
4. Soap & Glory smooth body butter - This body butter smells quite alot like vanilla which is quite nice but not one of my faves!
5. Soap & Glory body smoothing butter - The consistency of this body butter is alot more like jelly yet feels really nice when rubbed in. Smells wuite alot like oranges but again not to over powering :)

Lauren. x

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


So i was in the mood for a super chilled night and in the winter there's nothing better than relaxing in a hot bath. With the snow outside i decided what better than to chill in a super bubbly bath?!
Hope your all well!
 Rocketeer bath bomb - Lush

Love Lauren x

Saturday, 28 January 2012


So I'm having a girly night with my sister and i feel totally in the mood to blog yet i was completely unsure what to write about so i thought i'd show you a couple of items i've been seriously lusting after. Obviously i would probably have to sell my own leg to afford some of this stuff but i can always dream!
Hope your all well!

Lauren xo

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hello new shoes..

A quick post just to show you my new beauties! First of all let me just say that my shoe addiction is getting seriously bad. Every shop i seem to go in i am tempted by shoes! They were just £10 from Select in the sale! I lalalalalove them soooo much! Extremely high though fingers crossed i don't fall over when i where them!! 

Hope your all well!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hair Colour?

So it's come to the time where my hair is in serious need of being dyed again but i'm literally stuck between staying ginger or going back brown. Argh decisions :'( Please comment and tell me what you thinks best any help or whatever will be soooo appreciated! Hope your all well, Oh and MERRRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE XXXXXX

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Disney on ice.

I know, i know once again i haven't updated in what seems like forever. I thought i'd just share with you a quick post to show you my time at Disney on ice which was incredible! I loved it! I have always been such a fan of disney and i used to go allllll the time when i was little so this year i decided to get tickets again and i absolutely loved it!

Friday, 28 October 2011


A couple of weeks back i took a trip on the train with my best friend to meet her dad down in oxford. I have never been to Oxford town before so it was really interesting to look around the shops etc. We visited topshop, primark, lush and a couple of other shops then had some yummmmy lunch at pizza hut! It was a lovely day and i always love getting to see my besties dad! :) Here are a couple of things i purchased! Hope your all well xoxox

 1. Skullduggery bath bomb - Lush - £2.75
 2. Burgundy Large snood - Primark - £6
 3. Skeleton t-shirt (i cut off sleeves) - Primark - £6
 4. Prezzies from amy ( dad!