Thursday, 1 March 2012

Body Butter

So body butter is something which i can never get enough of! I thought i'd show you a couple of different ones i own and give you my opinions on each one :) Unfortunately i broke my laptop so it's been tricky to get posts out but here you go! Hope your all well! :)

1. Moringa Body Butter - The Body Shop - This is my absolute favourite it just smells so fresh i love it! It's quite a thick consistency so it moisturises really well! Love it!!
2. Pomergranate and Watermelon - Primark - This is a much more runny body butter and smells super fruity.
3. Soap & Glory The righteous butter - Now this is my second favorite out of the bunch, i really like the smell it's not over powering which is best for me as cream with too much perfume in tend to really irratate my skin.
4. Soap & Glory smooth body butter - This body butter smells quite alot like vanilla which is quite nice but not one of my faves!
5. Soap & Glory body smoothing butter - The consistency of this body butter is alot more like jelly yet feels really nice when rubbed in. Smells wuite alot like oranges but again not to over powering :)

Lauren. x