Saturday, 23 July 2011

From England to Ireland!

So, yes, i'm all packed and ready to go tomorrow! I am literally SOOO excited it's unreal. I had a rather big struggle to fit everything in but i've managed, somehow! Lol, ignore the mess but this is basically my stage of packing! Everything is just thrown everywhere. I promise when i get back i will have lots of pictures and stuff to tell you all! I also had to buy myself a new camera recently due to my other one breaking :( So yes, this is my new camera i think it's an absolute beauty! Plus i adore the colour of it! See you in a week guys xxxxxx

Another thing just want to sat R.I.P to Amy Winehouse! My prayers go out to all her loved ones <3

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ireland in 3DAYS!

So yes, as i've mentioned i am off to Ireland on sunday to see my dad and i cannot wait! I finished year 12 at college to day, omg i am so ready for summer it's unreal! I have enjoyed year 12 yet it has been extremely difficult for me, i don't think i realized how much energy they take! 
I'm praying for good results! I want nothing more than to make my parents proud! I will try and squeeze in a final post before Sunday, maybe a packing post or something. Anyway hope your all well, tell me if you've got many plans for the summer!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

As i might of mentioned i am flying off to County Mayo in Ireland a week today to see my daddy who lives right on the coast! I am so incredibly excited, like you couldn't believe! I haven't seen him or my step family since christmas so i cannny wait! I went to watch my best friends Performing Arts showcase last night! It was absolutely brilliant, they all did amazingly! It was nice not to be stuck in for once! Ha! I'm off to watch Harry Potter part 2 tomorrow! I'm literally going to cry my eyes out! I best dig out some water proof mascara!!
This is just a couple of things i've picked up over july in the sales etc. Sorry about the poor camera quality but a drink was spilt on my digital one so i have to wait 'til next week when i can replace it but for now i guess i'm using my webcam :) 
Are you going anywhere nice this summer? Hope your all well! xoxox
Miss Selfridge - Bracelet - £12.50 down to £1! But i had some online deal so i got it for just 50p! I've been after a really nice one for ages and i just love it! :D

Primark - Flip flop sandals - £2.50 down to £1! - Tan.

Primark - Navy Pumps - £2.50!

Primark - Sandals - £12.00 down to £6! In white. I think it's becoming clear i go mad at sales....

Primark - Sunglasses - £1

Primark - White bag - £5 

Pan Stick - £4.63 - Colour: True beige.

Internacionale - Shorts - £16.99

Boots - Natural Collection face powder - £1.99

Boots - Long tear drop necklace - £5.00 down to £1.50! 

Miss Selfridge - Necklace - £16.50 down to £2.00!

Again i apologise for the shit quality of the photos but i did really just want to get this post out :)

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Also check out the rest of her blog it's awsome! X

p.s I'm sorry i haven't been blogging in a while i've been really busy the past coupleof weeks as i'm just finishing year twelve but i promise to do a post of my june/july faves and a july collective haul next week! Xxxx

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Couple of purchases...

Here is just a short post containing a couple of things i've bought in the last week, hope your all well! 

Baggy Top: Topshop Sale - £36 - £20! :)
I absolutely love this top, its just so flowy and just a really comfy material i love it!
(Please excuse the creases haha)

Mascara: Collection 2000 - £2.99! This mascara is just brilliant, most people wouldn't think twice about using it because of how cheap it is yet it's perfect for me:)
Nail Varnish: Barry M Peach Melba - £3.99? My new favourite colour!

Eyeshadow: Topshop i don't know what colour it is but yeah, black and white haha. I actually got this free with my topshop order, so yes i was rather happy haha! 

Night Out.

As you know, i mentioned that i had my first night out clubbing on Monday and i bloody loved it! I told myself i wouldn't drink to much as i had college the next morning but that went out the window! We first went to Mode and i managed to get in without any trouble. It was dead in there at first but then it just all of a sudden got packed! One of my best friends Amy was gone after the second drink, she's absolutely the best person ever when she's drunk! We then moved on to tramps which was absolutely manic. I've never been to a place so busy! It took us literally half an hour to be served. I ended up spending about £17 which i thought was rather good considering the ridiculous drink prices. After a whole night of dancing, shouting and screaming we decided to head home at 4 bare in mind i had to get up for college at 7 :( Popped into maccies to get some food then rolled home in a taxi. Pretty bang tidy night, although my feet did feel like they were bleeding by the end of the night :( Worth it! haha.