Thursday, 12 May 2011


Again i have been rather busy this week due to essay writing and revision BLAH! I cannot wait to get these exams over and done with! Though i did get some good news today as i found out i got a B in my ict coursework and i think thats bloody good for A-level! So, yes i'm in a good mood! 
I managed to cram a little shopping in tuesday after shopping with Carrie :) I did say i wasn't going to buy anything but i did.... Oh well i got some good bargins! 
So this is just a quick post to show you a couple of the things i bought!
2 anti-stress facemasks - £1 each. 
Self tanning wipes - £1 for 20 wipes.
I loveeeee savers, mainly because you can get all good products for cheaper! Can't go wrong!

Hello Kitty body lotion - £1.99.
I adore everything in H&M recently but i am trying to save up, so i was just walking round making a mental list of everything in my head! But i did see this Hello kitty body lotion which i thought looked so cute and smells lovely so i had to buy it!

Natural collection eye shadow - Chocolate - £1.99.
                                              Seashell - £1.99.
Natural collection blusher - Peach Melba - £1.79?
Barry M nail varnish - 305 pink flamingo - £2.99.
I just got my boots card through the other day so i was straight off to boots to start collecting points! Plus boots have got a 3 for 2 offer on all makeup at the moment i think so YAY! I really love the colour of the eyeshadows i bought as i have been using eyeshadow alot recently! I also bought peach melba as i was watching thepersianbabe channel and it looked a really nice colour and yes i love it! 

Primark - Racer back vest top - £3.
Internationale? (i think thats how to spell it) - Jegging/jeans - £3.50.
Ok i'm just gonna talk about the jeggings! Firsty they are so freaking comfy! I love them although they're jeggings they look really good because they're still denim material. Secondly they really remind me of the jeans from topshop which are like £30? i don't know the exact price but i've been wanting those jeans forever! So when i found these in the sale at internationale for 7.00 down from 12.99 i reaaaaally wanted them! I then found out that everything in the sale is buy one get one free so my mate bought a jumper and we went halves which meant i got these bad boys for just £3.50. I was so happy! (Not that you can tell ;D)

Stretch white vest top - £2.
Baggy grey cardigan - £10.
Hope your all well, let me know what you think! :)
love lauren 

Sunday, 8 May 2011


So i've had a rather busy week, i've been so stressed with college and i have sooo much revision and shite for my exams :( I had my art exam last Thursday, 5 hours in the same seat, yep, i think it went alright, i hope it did! I think are may be the only subject which i may scrape a pass in!! Yesterday i was bored out of my face so i decided to make some yummy cupcakes, well actually i was half way through making biscuits when it turned out we only had self raising flour so my biscuits turned into cupcakes. Tasted goooood! I wouldn't say i'm the best chef yet cupcakes are definitely something fun to make!

How've you all been? Hope you enjoyed the post!
love lauren

Monday, 2 May 2011

between the lines of fear and blame..

So this weekend has been a pretty shit weekend for me although i have loved the days off college. I tried my best to stay in all weekend as i have so freaking much work to do as my art exam is thursday!!! D:
But come saturday morning i end up getting into this argument with my mums boyf which was took way to far. 
Anyway i had to get out the house so one of my best mates carrie let me come round hers cause i just couldn't be in the house. It was horrible. But yeah i just stayed at carries all day which was for the best :)
Anyway here's an outfit which i wore last friday to my other besties where we watched will and kate the movie haah! Did anyone watch the royal wedding? It was beautiful and Kate looked absolutely stunning!

Satchel - (I don't know i got it for xmas but they sell them in primark)
light jeans - Primark
top/jumper - Topshop
Belt - Primark 

 Mint green nail varnish - Miss sporty
White nail varnish - Unknown

So i decided to paint my nails earlier but i wanted abit of a change so i decided to use white and mint green as i think they both go really well together (white goes with anything) and the mint green i thought was a nice spring colour :) I know they'll end up completely chipped by tomorrow but oh well! 
I think thats about enough of my ramblings for now.
love lauren