Friday, 30 September 2011

Couple of purchases...

Hello everyone! How've you all been? I know I haven't done a proper post in a while so I thought I'd show you a couple of things I've bought over the past month. So I've currently been busy with college being lazy etc, so i haven't really had time to shop much or anything. I had an interview at Marks and Spencer today, so fingers crossed i get the job and i'll be sure to have a lot more hauls coming your way! What are you all thinking about the weather?! Can you believe how hot it is! It's almost better than summer was but apparently snows cast for the next week :(((( I'm not a cold weather person. I'm off to see Alan Carr live in Birmingham tomorrow night so i will be sure to write a post on that! Hope your all well.

01. So i ordered like 3 samples of different hair and skincare stuff from i reaaally, like the eye tuck cream i really felt it worked almost straight away with the dark circles around my eyes plus it only cost £1!
02. The beautiful leopard print loafers from new look - £17.99 i think. I adore them.
03. I dug out an old eyeshadow set from the body collection, really has some beautiful natural colours in there!
04. Finally i just bought a twin pack of nivea face wipe for just £2! They make my skin feel loooverly! And so Sheer loose powder from collection 2000 for i think £3.99 which was quite good as you get A LOT!

Oooh i forgot to say! I am now officially a ginger! Yep, i had to strip the red out and then the brown hair dye just wouldn't take so looks like i'm stuck this colour for a while now. At first i felt like crying but i'm actually starting to warm to it now! Yay!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Weekend Wishlist.

1. OCHRE CREPE TEE - Miss Selfridge - £14.00
2. CIRCULAR TEXTURE CUFF - Forever 21 - £6.65
3. DELUXE SKINNY TROUSERS - Republic - £29.99
4. AZTEC ARM CUFF - Urban Outfitters - £8.00
5. LEOPARD PRINT LOAFERS - Topshop - £32.00

Just a couple of things i've seen recently which i really want to buy! Hope your all well!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

August Haul.

First off i would like to say hello to my lovely new followers! How're you all?! This is just going to be a small post of a couple of things i've picked up over the past month. Unfortunately i go back to college on Tuesday :( I can't believe it's already my last year of college?! This past year has literally flew by, i honestly can't believe it! I just know as soon as i get back i'm going to be swamped with work but i promise i will try and get as many posts out as possible! For anyone who might be starting college or starting there second year i'd love to know what courses you are taking/ how they're going so just leave a comment below! :) Hope you all had a brilliant summer!

01. Floral Gladiator Sandals - Miss Selfridge - £22 down to £12! 
02. Flower Fairy Lights - Dunelm - £2.99
03. Johnson's Day Cream & Gentle Exfoliating Wash - 2 for £4
Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush - Savers - £1
04. Makeup brush Holder Thing - Home Sense - £4.99
05. Collection 2000 Concealer - Boots - £4.19?
Natural Collection Lipstick - Apple Blossom - £1.99?
W7 Lip Plumping Gloss - 75p
06. Keep Calm Notepad - The Works - £1.99 
Alexander Mcqueen Inspired Scarf - Primark - £3