Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Couple of purchases...

So, last friday i went up to the bullring in Birmingham shopping!! I normally hate going there because it's soooo busy but i wanted to go to the indoor market so, yeah. Anyway here are a few things i bought from there :)  Hope you all had a good easter! 

This skirt was from H&M at £6 or £7, i can't remember sorry. At first i was abit unsure but yeah i really like it now i think its a really pretty skirt for the summer and i love the pinky shade! They had it in grey, navy, lime/yellow and black i think, but, yeah i chose this one because i just thought it looked super cute! Hah!

The skull top was from Republic and was originally £7.99 but i got discount so it only cost me £5.99. It's like a realllly small boob tube even though it is really small i love it! They also had one with a bird pattern, flower pattern and another few. But i really like this one so i went for it!
The ring was from Forever 21 and cost £2.80? I think, maybe £3.80 :S. Sorry. I've been looking for a turquoise kinda ring for a while and when i saw this i just immediately bought it! :)

Here is the stuff i bought from the indoor market. I am now wishing i bought more! For anyone who has never been to an indoor market, for different things especially makeup it is like the BEST place ever! They do all the really good brands for like WAAAAAY cheaper! I love it!
Anyway The lipstick which is rimmel cost me £50p!!!! and it is in the shade 'dreams'. And the other is an eyeshadow kit which someone gave me at christmas and i have never been able to find another one anywhere so when i saw this for just £2 i was sooooo happy! 

Now this is my favourite buy of the day! I got this dress from Forever 21 for £15! I was so happy! A soon as i saw it i had to buy it and i was lucky as they only had 3 left in stock! It's brilliant for summer as it's soo nice and light. And recently had a sudden love for aztec so yeah i've got myself a lovely dress for the spring/summer!

Hope this has been a tad helpful/interesting! Wooooo! 
love lauren

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Birthday gifts, finally!

Hello! Hope your all well,
I know i said i would upload a video for you all but for some reason it just doesn't seem to be working which sucks so anyway i've taken a few pictures so that you can see what i got anyway although the camera isn't the best quality! Sorry i haven't uploaded sooner but i've had sun stroke and i just cannot stop being sick! A little too much information but yeah i'm not well! :(
 Floral Makeup Bag - Primark
Pink Flask - (i don't know where it's from sorry)
Black Floaty Top - Zoo
Unicorn Ring - Topshop

Bracelet - H&M

White Top - Internacionale
Daisy Duck Brush - Disney
Models Own Nail Varnish (Colour: Purple Pearl)
Name Necklace (I think you can get them from argos?)
Cath Kidston Boxes - (Some small bits and bobs shop, i don't know the name sorry)

I hope this has been some kind of help! I also went shopping yesterday so i will be sure to upload what i bought!
love lauren xoxox

Saturday, 16 April 2011


So yes i'm 17 i can drive, well i'm old enough to. My birthday was pretty good. Manic to be honest and i have unfortunately woke up with alot of bruises which is never good! I think i might make a short video of what i got as i find it way easier than taking pictures and then writing shit as i am rather good at blabbering on about nothing, as you can probably tell! This is a picture of me and my best friend getting ready i'm on the right. I know, i know my face looks waay whiter than my neck/arm but i promise you it didn't look like that in person, at least i hope it didn't.

You can slightly see my new hair colour in that photo yet here is a clear picture for you. I am so happy it went right! I know some people will think it looks terrible but i really couldn't care as long as i like it there's no problem! 

Now is it just me or does anyone else wanna see scream 4 soon as! I keeep seeing the trailer and i realllllllllly want to go! I'm normally such a baby when it comes to horrors but scream i can stand! Plus i'm pretty sure Lucy Hale is in it and i absolutely adore her so it's all goood!
So yeah look out for the video as i will get round to posting that soon! Thanks dolls.
love lauren

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Off to the zoo bitches

Today was a pretty tiring day to be honest. Woke up at 6:40 which is extreeeeeeeeeeeeemly early for me! Had to get all the kids ready then was out of the house by 9:30 surprisingly! 
We arrived at dudley zoo about 10:20 after been stuck in traffic for about half an hour! The kids were getting pretty restless! Once we were there though it was all good except for the fact it was freeeeeezing cold! 
I absolutely adore walking round zoos as your able to get really close and interact with the animals there which the boys loved! I ended up stroking a snake which is pretty brave for me!
Just a quick video of me and the boys going down the slide, looks a blast right ;D
All in all was a propper brilliant day and i absolutely loved it!
Just dyed my hair now with live colour XXL - Mystic Violet and for the ends of my hair i used live colour XXL - Absolute Platinum which i think was £3 each at tesco.
I will soon post a picture of how it turns outtt!
love lauren 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The pain was worth it.

So i finally did it! I went and got my rook pierced. I've been wanting it done for absolute months now and i finally went ahead and had it pierced which i am extremely happy about.
I'll admit it freaking killed when she put the needle through but once it was done i couldn't feel it, and i'm such a baby when it comes to pain, but i believe it was totally worth it although it's not that fun to sleep on! I had it done at a place called Four Leaf clothing in Worcestershire and it only cost £10! 
I know you can't see it that well but it's the piercing on the right :) I promise i will try to get a better picture of it soon! 
I also ordered some earrings from asos last week which look like wings. I did want the ones from topshop but they were all sold out so i just bought these ones as they were pretty similar and only cost £4! YAY :)
Thats all for now 
love lauren
Obvcorse a picture of me looking extremely cool...

Sunday, 10 April 2011

All of the lights;

So i did really well today, i didn't want to spend much dosh seems as its my birthday next week.
So i just bought a couple of things from savers.
Cuticura Dry Skin Moisture Lotion - £1.49
I have really dry skin so i've been looking for a moisturiser for ages that works i saw this in savers and it was only £1.49 so i thought i might aswell try it out as the price was just amazing for like 175ml of moisturiser! But yeah, i love it. It makes my skin feel really soft and it doesn't feel really wet on the face which is good to me as i hate creams which make me feel like i'm drowing.... yeah, sorry if you have no clue what i'm on about hah. It has a kinda weird smell, kinda like plastic, i dunno but i like it funnily enough as it's not to strong. So yeah, i think you might as well try it out.

Skin Deep self tanning wipes - £1.
I know it's getting to summer so i shouldn't really be buying fake tan butttttttt i literally fail to tan, i honestly don't know what is wrong with my skin but i just burn. My friend recommended self tanning wipes as they give a really nice colour and don't streak, so when i saw these for the price of £1 in savers i just had to buy them. They take a day to develop but they are incredibly easy to put on! Plus they don't have that yakee fake tan smell or damp feel which is perfect for me. So yeah i would definitely recommend them if your looking for a quick and streak free way of getting a tan.

Ummm, i hope this has been some help, yet thats it for now but i'll soon have lots to show you as it's my birthday on the 14th of april!!

love lauren