Saturday, 16 April 2011


So yes i'm 17 i can drive, well i'm old enough to. My birthday was pretty good. Manic to be honest and i have unfortunately woke up with alot of bruises which is never good! I think i might make a short video of what i got as i find it way easier than taking pictures and then writing shit as i am rather good at blabbering on about nothing, as you can probably tell! This is a picture of me and my best friend getting ready i'm on the right. I know, i know my face looks waay whiter than my neck/arm but i promise you it didn't look like that in person, at least i hope it didn't.

You can slightly see my new hair colour in that photo yet here is a clear picture for you. I am so happy it went right! I know some people will think it looks terrible but i really couldn't care as long as i like it there's no problem! 

Now is it just me or does anyone else wanna see scream 4 soon as! I keeep seeing the trailer and i realllllllllly want to go! I'm normally such a baby when it comes to horrors but scream i can stand! Plus i'm pretty sure Lucy Hale is in it and i absolutely adore her so it's all goood!
So yeah look out for the video as i will get round to posting that soon! Thanks dolls.
love lauren