Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Couple of purchases...

So, last friday i went up to the bullring in Birmingham shopping!! I normally hate going there because it's soooo busy but i wanted to go to the indoor market so, yeah. Anyway here are a few things i bought from there :)  Hope you all had a good easter! 

This skirt was from H&M at £6 or £7, i can't remember sorry. At first i was abit unsure but yeah i really like it now i think its a really pretty skirt for the summer and i love the pinky shade! They had it in grey, navy, lime/yellow and black i think, but, yeah i chose this one because i just thought it looked super cute! Hah!

The skull top was from Republic and was originally £7.99 but i got discount so it only cost me £5.99. It's like a realllly small boob tube even though it is really small i love it! They also had one with a bird pattern, flower pattern and another few. But i really like this one so i went for it!
The ring was from Forever 21 and cost £2.80? I think, maybe £3.80 :S. Sorry. I've been looking for a turquoise kinda ring for a while and when i saw this i just immediately bought it! :)

Here is the stuff i bought from the indoor market. I am now wishing i bought more! For anyone who has never been to an indoor market, for different things especially makeup it is like the BEST place ever! They do all the really good brands for like WAAAAAY cheaper! I love it!
Anyway The lipstick which is rimmel cost me £50p!!!! and it is in the shade 'dreams'. And the other is an eyeshadow kit which someone gave me at christmas and i have never been able to find another one anywhere so when i saw this for just £2 i was sooooo happy! 

Now this is my favourite buy of the day! I got this dress from Forever 21 for £15! I was so happy! A soon as i saw it i had to buy it and i was lucky as they only had 3 left in stock! It's brilliant for summer as it's soo nice and light. And recently had a sudden love for aztec so yeah i've got myself a lovely dress for the spring/summer!

Hope this has been a tad helpful/interesting! Wooooo! 
love lauren


  1. totally enjoyed browsing your blog. just spent a good time on my couch on my laptop. :) you have awesome topics on your posts, and i love your style. totally enjoyed it... and am following. hope to visit again!