Sunday, 10 April 2011

All of the lights;

So i did really well today, i didn't want to spend much dosh seems as its my birthday next week.
So i just bought a couple of things from savers.
Cuticura Dry Skin Moisture Lotion - £1.49
I have really dry skin so i've been looking for a moisturiser for ages that works i saw this in savers and it was only £1.49 so i thought i might aswell try it out as the price was just amazing for like 175ml of moisturiser! But yeah, i love it. It makes my skin feel really soft and it doesn't feel really wet on the face which is good to me as i hate creams which make me feel like i'm drowing.... yeah, sorry if you have no clue what i'm on about hah. It has a kinda weird smell, kinda like plastic, i dunno but i like it funnily enough as it's not to strong. So yeah, i think you might as well try it out.

Skin Deep self tanning wipes - £1.
I know it's getting to summer so i shouldn't really be buying fake tan butttttttt i literally fail to tan, i honestly don't know what is wrong with my skin but i just burn. My friend recommended self tanning wipes as they give a really nice colour and don't streak, so when i saw these for the price of £1 in savers i just had to buy them. They take a day to develop but they are incredibly easy to put on! Plus they don't have that yakee fake tan smell or damp feel which is perfect for me. So yeah i would definitely recommend them if your looking for a quick and streak free way of getting a tan.

Ummm, i hope this has been some help, yet thats it for now but i'll soon have lots to show you as it's my birthday on the 14th of april!!

love lauren

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