Sunday, 24 April 2011

Birthday gifts, finally!

Hello! Hope your all well,
I know i said i would upload a video for you all but for some reason it just doesn't seem to be working which sucks so anyway i've taken a few pictures so that you can see what i got anyway although the camera isn't the best quality! Sorry i haven't uploaded sooner but i've had sun stroke and i just cannot stop being sick! A little too much information but yeah i'm not well! :(
 Floral Makeup Bag - Primark
Pink Flask - (i don't know where it's from sorry)
Black Floaty Top - Zoo
Unicorn Ring - Topshop

Bracelet - H&M

White Top - Internacionale
Daisy Duck Brush - Disney
Models Own Nail Varnish (Colour: Purple Pearl)
Name Necklace (I think you can get them from argos?)
Cath Kidston Boxes - (Some small bits and bobs shop, i don't know the name sorry)

I hope this has been some kind of help! I also went shopping yesterday so i will be sure to upload what i bought!
love lauren xoxox


  1. it must be some time already but HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyways!!!

    love all your gifts

    don't forget to join in the CHANEL GIVE AWAY!!!