Saturday, 2 July 2011

Couple of purchases...

Here is just a short post containing a couple of things i've bought in the last week, hope your all well! 

Baggy Top: Topshop Sale - £36 - £20! :)
I absolutely love this top, its just so flowy and just a really comfy material i love it!
(Please excuse the creases haha)

Mascara: Collection 2000 - £2.99! This mascara is just brilliant, most people wouldn't think twice about using it because of how cheap it is yet it's perfect for me:)
Nail Varnish: Barry M Peach Melba - £3.99? My new favourite colour!

Eyeshadow: Topshop i don't know what colour it is but yeah, black and white haha. I actually got this free with my topshop order, so yes i was rather happy haha! 


  1. looooooove that nail polish,ellie xxxxx

    ps check ma blog :

  2. love the colour of the Barry M nail varnish! xx

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