Saturday, 2 July 2011

Night Out.

As you know, i mentioned that i had my first night out clubbing on Monday and i bloody loved it! I told myself i wouldn't drink to much as i had college the next morning but that went out the window! We first went to Mode and i managed to get in without any trouble. It was dead in there at first but then it just all of a sudden got packed! One of my best friends Amy was gone after the second drink, she's absolutely the best person ever when she's drunk! We then moved on to tramps which was absolutely manic. I've never been to a place so busy! It took us literally half an hour to be served. I ended up spending about £17 which i thought was rather good considering the ridiculous drink prices. After a whole night of dancing, shouting and screaming we decided to head home at 4 bare in mind i had to get up for college at 7 :( Popped into maccies to get some food then rolled home in a taxi. Pretty bang tidy night, although my feet did feel like they were bleeding by the end of the night :( Worth it! haha. 


  1. looks like you had a great night:) your hair is really nice:)


  2. Yeaah it was ace! Ha thankyou! X