Sunday, 26 June 2011

A heads up,,,,

Now most places are absolutely manic with sales at the moment and i've been eyeing up this lovely set of one piece earrings which are handy say if you've got your top ear pierced or if you want to wear a basic stud on one ear and then a statement earring on the other, anyway i saw these ones in Miss Selfridge for £8.50 and i didn't really want to pay that much for them at the time so i just left them. Over the past couple of weeks i've kept seeing them so i decided to just give it a week wait til i get my ema then by them. I was looking at the Miss Selfridge sale on the website and i saw they had been reduced down to just £3! I was absolutely thrilled so the next day i popped into town to go and purchase them. Anywhoo i found them but for some reason they still said they were the orginal price £8.50, so i sent my mum to the till, bless her, and it turned out the shop had just missed them out when labelling the sale jewellery and in the end they turned out to be just £1. 
I was literally so happy i just bought them straight away! I thought i'd just let you know incase any of you have seen them but have not wanted to pay the full £8.50!
How've all of you beeen? I'm actually off out tomorrow night, my first time clubbing, well proper clubbing! Ahh i'm so excited i just pray to god i get in! I shall do a post on that soon so you can all see what i wore, etc :) The only problem is i have to get up at 7am for college the next morning! I'm going to be knackerd! Haha!
Tell me if you've got any plans over the next few weeks :)

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