Wednesday, 1 June 2011

May Favourites.

Hellloo! Haven't done a proper post in awhile so i've decided to do a post on my favourite products for this months. I've kind of been busy with exams etc this past couple of months so i haven't been able to do alot of shopping unfortunately, plus i literally have no money at the moment which completely sucks.
Anyway today has been a rather fun day, i went to see the hangover 2, which was absolutely brilliant so so so funny! You all need to see it! Anyway Hope your all well!

Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo and Conditioner - I normally get it on offer so it's 2 for £6!
I find this really good for coloured hair, as you've probably seen in my previous posts my hair it both redy/purple colour and i have ginger dipped ends so this shampoo has managed to keep both colours really bold which i am super happy about!
Barry M Lipstick - 101 Marshmallow - I think it's £4.99?
I find this lipstick the perfect nude/pink. I don't really like to wear strong beige nudes so i think this pinky colour looks really nice and it's quite subtle which suits me alot more than bold lip colours.
Barry M Lip Paint 101 Marshmallow

Maxfactor Pan Stick - Bought at Birmingham indoor market £4.15
I bought this in the colour true beige, although it's quite small the foundation gives really good covering. It managed to last just over a month and a half which isn't too bad i suppose cause i do wear it everyday. It's really quick and easy to reply so i definitely recommend it!

Anti-stress mud pacs - £1 each
Self tan wipes - £1
Both of these anti-stress masks were really good and left my skin feeling really good! I have done a reveiw on the self tan wipes a few pages back, they're absolutely brilliant and cheap! I love them :)

Love Lauren


  1. adore that pink lip color =]

  2. i love the color of that lipstick <3

  3. I use the aussie colour mate shampoo as I recenty dyed mine also, its definatley the best one and smells lovely! X