Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Alan Carr!!

Once again sorry i haven't posted in a while, etc. I've just last week started my new job and M&S (yayayayay) so i have been terribly busy with work then college then work on and on and on. But the pay is amazing so yayay lotss more shopping to be done! Anyway how've you all been? I don't know if i mentioned a few posts back but i actually went to see Alan Carr Spexy Beast tour a few weeks ago. Let me just say he was amazing, i laughed so much my jaw genuinely hurt the next day! He was brilliant, seeing him live seemed like 100% better than watching him on the DVD just the atmosphere and seeing him on the stage was brilliant! Loved it! 
I also recently visited Oxford so my next post will most likely be a post of a couple of things i purchased while i was there! Anyway here are a couple of pictures i took at Alan Carr. Hope your all well!!! xxx


  1. What beautiful photo of u and ur gf! Lovely shot.
    Cant wait to see ur new purchases :)