Wednesday, 3 August 2011


So yes, i am back! I caanot begin to explain how beautiful it was in ireland i absolutely loved it! My dad lives in such a lovely place! We went sight seeing, camped on the beach, spent time on our own private beach, visited the jolly pubs, it was brilliant! I thought i'd share a couple of pictures with you and i'll soon be back to posting the usual rubbish ;) The weather has been absolutely roasting these past few days so i've been rather busy but i promise to get some more posts out! Hope your all well! xx

Tell me if you've been anywhere nice this year?


  1. These are such pretty pictures!Where abouts in Ireland is this ? :L I wish the weather always looked so nice here XD

  2. Aw thankyou! Um it was in County Mayo, Louisburgh, it really is so beautiful there! Haha i know i hope summer brightens up here soon! Xx

  3. looks lovely! xx